Thursday, May 10, 2012

East Coast Missile Defense to repel who? And bad Al Qaeda Puppy, bad!

In an unsurprising move, House Republicans on the House Armed Services Committee voted to rollback Defense cuts. The exigencies of doing away with government help for poor people made some politicians have to bite the bullet last year and pretend that even “Defense” spending could be subject to cuts, or at least discussion about the possibility of cuts, or pretense of moving cash around to pretend budgets were cut. Nobody should have been fooled, however. The Homeland is beset by enemies, many of them “Americans”, and to cut a single dollar from Defense spending would result in instant death and chaos to rival the return of Lord Cthulhu. 

The Pentagon, a known nest of pacifists and people who want to make the Homeland less safe, were evidently operating out of base or na├»ve motives when they said the US East Coast did not need a Missile Defense system. Rep. Michael Turner, Republican of Ohio, argued that Congress needed to proceed with missile defense “whether this president wants to or not.” Mr. Turner did not need to state the obvious, President Obama, a Mau Mau socialist radical, would try to thwart such defensive moves in order to leave the Homeland’s East Coast vulnerable to attack from… from… well, from someone bad. That  three of Rep Turner’s top 10 interests funding are directly related to the “Defense” Industry is a coincidence, and that he has other funding in the Tech industry, should only bear repeating as a sign of bad taste.

In other news, be afraid of Arabs with pets; they might be terrorists. And always remember, “if you see something, say something,” we are surrounded by enemies.

For an AP story on the necessary funding, including Turner’s quote, see:

For a breakdown of Rep Turner’s funding, to learn how his friends at Raytheon and Lockheed Martin help him out, and get an idea of where your government comes from, see:

For more on Arabs with pets motivated by a hatred of “Western values”, but not, I repeat not, our actions, see:

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